Underground Sound: Beggars in a New Land by M. Pitter

The recent music by Beggars in a New Land brings to focus their increasing mastery over modern organized sound. While the genres of their many tracks revolve around House and Breakbeat, they exhibit the effort to bend and warp what we define as these musical styles to create something new. As a duo, consisting of two high school friends Harry Cubberly and Eric Brody, they have always been experimentalists dabbling in various genres both known and unknown to people. Currently, in this phase of their activity, they find themselves contributing to today’s electronica frenzy, providing innovative options for the ways modern music can be pushed and pulled into other dimensions of the sound arts.

Beggars in a New Land. Harry Cubberly (left) and Eric Brody (right).
Beggars in a New Land: Harry Cubberly (left) and Eric Brody (right).

Each Beggars track consists of the compliment between Cubberly’s raw glinting tonal hysteria and Brody’s calculated and formulaic maintenance of artistic uniformity. The two continue to produce as much as possible while they tour in various venues within the Tristate area.

Check out their material here: https://soundcloud.com/beggarsinanewland

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