Order A Copy of Our Most Expensive Issue! $100 For The Best in Art, Poetry & Prose

Get your copy of In Parentheses Magazine here: http://magcloud.com/user/inparenth/
Get your copy of In Parentheses Magazine here: http://magcloud.com/user/inparenth/

It’s April 1st and today we release our quarterly magazine, containing all new submissions from Brooke Trealout, Stanley M. Noah, Owen Lucas, Gabrielle Catalano, Jeffrey Park, John Grey, Julia Alexander, Jon Dambacher, Brittney Bullock, Paulette Perhach, Bep Broos, Sarah Eisenlohr, Krisztian Tejfel, Michelle Cohen, Rosa Kim, and Eric Petersen.

However, April Fools, it’s only $9.99 NOT $100. 

Go right to our MagCloud page to get your hands on your very own copy. Thanks for your love and support! Reach out to us on all your favorite social media platforms:





Author: Mr. Phillipe

Phillipe Martin Chatelain / @uptownvoice / Phillipe is the Managing Editor of In Parentheses. He is a poet from New York City with a Masters Degree in Poetry from The New School. He writes as someone in the tradition of the urban troubadour or the flaneur–wandering, taking notes. He believes that poetry of our generation has taken on a much more digital definition. Furthermore, it is important for New Modernist writers like those exhibited in In Parentheses Literary Magazine to assume the forms of media available in order to carry on the history of Sublime Art. His series taking shots alone was self-published in 2012-2015. The self-published collection FACETS (2019) is now available.

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