No Way To Anywhere – Scott Krave

Scott Krave can be found around Cleveland during the summer months and maybe somewhere else in the fall. He has been featured in various spots around the internet. He likes hanging around shops that serve cheap coffee and bake donuts in house.

no way to anywhere

no matter the depth of the holes dug into the beach

no matter the shotgun tipped back and tasted
no matter the hunger engorged on sweetness
there is no way to anywhere outside of the world

mind of removal returns all to the immediate
removal of mind propels others further, scattered
hermitage is a tilt and balance of perspective

so sick of doors closed in haste
the knocker slapping a few times unintentionally
demanding things of itself

right angled construction hoisted up by octopi
levelled and garnished with peppers fallen from sandwiches
blood blisters bad enough to whimper themselves
the stretchers lie nearby the road

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