Feature: “Just Sign this Concerned” by S. Vargo

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Samuel Vargo has written poetry and short stories for print and online literary magazines, university journals and a few commercial magazines. Mr. Vargo worked most of his adult life as a newspaper reporter.

He has a BA in Political Science and an MA in English (both degrees were awarded by Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio, USA). Vargo was fiction editor of Pig Iron Press, Youngstown, Ohio, for 12 years.

Just Sign this Concerned


Someday the world may explode –
Comets come and go,
You know, and at times
This rocky reality is absurd,
Trite, and repetitive,
Like seismic tidal waves, tectonic plates,
Global warming and a young girl’s first period
Are all acts of nature, nothing more . . . .

But when that big rock hits Earth
It will flatten mountain ranges
And chase oceans out of their wet laziness.
Even dumb fish will realize it’s over.


Once I thought I was in love with myself
But then I realized just how stupid
All this self-love is,
Like it’s really going to get me reproduced,
Or richer, or more noticed
In a narcissistic world so filled with mirrors
And admirers. And of course, haters,
Debaters, liars, even sociopaths.

All this selfish, inner-self syrup
Is mere fodder for this big, bad,
Biblical apocalypse. No?


Last night I dreamt of rivers, valleys,
Glaciers and oceans. It wasn’t my dream,
I was just a visitor. I didn’t see the Host,
Although I felt Him all around – Oh God,
I wish He wasn’t such a Start Again from Scratch
Sort of Guy, for my sake, your sake and always –
(Just sign this CONCERNED).


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