Happened to the White Rabbit in the 21st Century by Y. Wu

Scene I

What burning desire of the heart
could’ve ignited her scarlet-red gaze?

What ashes from a broken relationship
could’ve been kept warm by her plump, fluffy blanket?
Too spotless in pale white to blend in on wretched earth
skipping without a sound, serenading without a voice,
returning to her proverbial hole, quickly forgotten

Scene II

Leaves of grass glistening, happy to be attendees
of a shower party of sunlight
oblivious of their plight next five minutes between
her cutting teach, while she peacefully having
a late lunch, listening with bunny ears attentively,
and between them she perceives, she conceives, from a slight shaking
in the air, a slight dimming of the sheen of green,
the signs of the big bad wolf and little coyote.
Skedaddle, skedaddle, a shadow passing, vanishing
into that proverbial hole, on a path well-trodden

Scene III

Leporidae, “a family of mammals”.
Her forefathers frozen in fossils and annals
Her fur scrubbed clean like Colorado’s snowy day
Her food came finely mashed on the perfectly square tray
He comes in lab coat whither than alabaster
Held by his slender hands, the bottom of test tubes with
flashes of blood red in the shapes of half spheres.
That color scheme reminded her of her own kind
But that familiar feeling she could not find
And in its place, the sweet solvents and disinfectants
left behind his counter, causing her to drift into
a plane of bliss she’s never been to
where red and white solidifies into rabbit
and upon sunset, merges into moon’s crescent

Scene IV

On that lushly green lawn, the faint sound of a yawn
of the teenager in suburbia of Minnesota
on his new pickup truck, daydreaming about good luck.
The White Rabbit, she escaped from her cage,
awakening the boy, first from slumber then from anger
and he said “let her go,” and then she did so,
jumping through traffic into the proverbial hole
in a hollow tree where she wanted to be
Free, ascendant and unrepentant

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