Another Dream by Jessica Van de Kemp

Jessica Van de Kemp is a 2014 Best of the Net nominee and is the author of the forthcoming chapbook, Four-Coloured Memory, from Bitterzoet Press. Her poetry appears most recently in: Vallum, Written River, Hermeneutic Chaos, and Naugatuck River Review. She is currently pursuing a PhD in English at the University of Waterloo.

Another Dream

Of you wearing sunlight
like a loose feather.
The broken dishwasher at your feet. I show you the red-dash
hand the machine took for cutlery.


That’s the kind cut
of your kiss. A holding,
lifting mist of small birds.

Some strip of ditch in the yard
I try to fill with the look of you,
blind and breathless.

We hurt each other
even here in dreamscape,
hurt and love, gargantuan
hope like a face in shadow.

Night of Strange Winter

Make it home
in time to hear

your birthday hour
knock like a growl

at the screen.
I hear the squares punch

and bird-drift.

Some tiny cloud
shaping into bed with you.

I taste the snowsquall.

How many years has it been?
Enough for a penny

to sink into the mud
like a tuber of light.

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