Fall 2015 Anthology Issue of In Parentheses Literary Magazine

We’re back.

In Parentheses Literary Magazine (Fall 2015)

By In Parentheses in IP Volume 4

40 pages, published 10/20/2015

(Anthology issue) Volume 4, Issue 1 of In Parentheses Literary Magazine

Thank you to all our submitters and loyal followers who have kept along in the past year.

Submissions by: Liam Cregan, Jessica Van de Kemp, Phillipe Martin Chatelain, Christopher Mulroney, Sy Roth, Carmen Guzmán, Travis Cohen, Richard King Perkins III, Gabrielle Catellano, Peggy Aylsworth, Naty Hernandez, B. Mason, Joey Edsall, Kevin Thomas, Andrew Grossman, Hollie Dugas, John Brantingham, George Korolog, Vakseen Art, M. Sawyer Ballance, Paix Robinson & Cassandra Tice, Michael Pitter.

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