Excerpt from “Eli” … by G. Mramor

Moonlight fades on the treeline and stars ride out on the waves blurry like candles on panes of rain. He asks so she puts him down and he cozies on her chest mumbling something about her boobs. Last lights strain out like threads into a million infinities and the moon is gone. Sunk in the night absolute he is asleep on her lap and her hand goes in his hair and it’s like everything before’s just a dream about to go out in my head and I’m waking up with your legs wrapped in mine and I see you with longer hair hair like mine but thicker and wild and there’s a little chunk of it in the corner of your mouth and I’m watching you munch on it thinking how this is what normal is waking up in and around and with you thinking I got alotta shit to do today and Nana’s there hungry but she doesn’t want to move off your hip like I don’t want to move cuz it’s there and I don’t want it to leave cuz then it’ll be like everything else and everything else is shit compared to it and it sucks to think about it cuz you’re away in your corner room cuz you’re a very serious man now aren’t you cuz you havta put yourself in this place like it’s all just an act for you but I’d never say cuz it’s only a few more hours and then you’re there at a fire on the beach with Nana picking through the rocks for your little collection of time telling me we’re born to be and how I say cuz I thought it long before you cuz I knew you were before me and it was only coming to you I saw how it worked in things how in every piece of me is a memory of you like when you were a boy and you were hurting and angry I was hurting and angry too and then you saw me but you didn’t see me but saw the boy like I saw the girl and then even though you think it’s something different I know what it really is cuz there’s only you and when it’s only you there is no time cuz time’s only change and change is just the weather around our eyes cuz there’s a place where unknowing fades just like knowing once did and it’s you and it’s me and it’s something between us we can’t break or ruin cuz it’s just barely there like a whisper to keep us together and it’ll be more when we get there cuz seeing you it’s everything.

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