According to Chronos – by B. A. Varghese

B. A. Varghese graduated from Polytechnic University (New York) in 1993 and has been working in the Information Technology field ever since. Inspired to explore his artistic side, he has earned a B.A. in English from the University of South Florida and is currently in the process of working toward an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. His works have appeared in Cleaver Magazine, Apalachee Review, Prick of the Spindle, and other literary journals. (

According to Chronos

My black cat hanging on the wall,
with his eyes sweeping side to side
and his straight tail, swinging
like a pendulum, back and forth,
begs me to consider time passing
not as a line but as a circle
like his bulbous, clockish
belly. Like a gear clicking
and turning round and round,
inching forward a space every second,
time comes back all over
to where it once started. With a minute
delay, his metronomic hands motion
the hour not elapsing but returning
upon itself. His ticks jump in my ear
to whisper that the past returns
to the present and continues to the future.
Repeating, replaying, and rolling
into eternity.

Author: Mr. Phillipe

Phillipe Martin Chatelain / @uptownvoice / Phillipe is the Managing Editor of In Parentheses. He is a poet from New York City with a Masters Degree in Poetry from The New School. He writes as someone in the tradition of the urban troubadour or the flaneur–wandering, taking notes. He believes that poetry of our generation has taken on a much more digital definition. Furthermore, it is important for New Modernist writers like those exhibited in In Parentheses Literary Magazine to assume the forms of media available in order to carry on the history of Sublime Art. His series taking shots alone was self-published in 2012-2015. The self-published collection FACETS (2019) is now available.

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