Poetry by R. Will

Photo by R. Will

R. Will / @MsB_Honest / Electric woman from The Bronx by way of The U.S. Virgin Islands with a penchant for doing a lot. Rhysa, also known as Grime artist Lady S.P.I. She keeps her hands in all artistic pots including song writing, video and photography work, painting and drawing and in this instance, poetry.


Stringing verbs together with nouns
feeling a profound sense of knowing
flowing with the tides of my mind
Mindless chatter
in and out of alignment
I am knowing myself without knowing myself
how destiny emerges
how verbs go from thought words
to heard
Past tense
Pence passed back and forth
Past sensory organs
The origin of birth
Was thought

Writing words
stringing verbs together
With nouns
Compounding momentum
Sentences become paragraphs
Mindless chatter
In and out of alignment
Confinement is illusion
But words build walls
The chatter in my mind
Scatters about
when words heard, past pence
Build upon themselves
Pitter patter like
Rain drops
Constantly filling the well
Swelling with words

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