Illustrations and Collages by K. Gatavan


Kirill Gatavan is a Moscow-based Russian artist. He reflects on the contemporary reality and creates artworks that refers to the motive of ephemerality. For more of Kirill’s recent work, click here.

In his watercolor series, collages and black and white graphics the viewer could notice ordinary things that fill the everyday life of any person.

Kirill Gatavan

The fragile meditative collage compositions capture daily rituals and new consumer habits. It is also noteworthy that in addition to the techniques and media there is also a very important conceptual layer. The artist includes elements of dreams and psychoanalytic symbolism into the depicted reality.

Kirill Gatavan

The collages objects are phantoms of past utopias inertially keeping their way along in today’s world. Materials, colors, shapes and textures come to mind, but the anxiety’s exact provenance being elusive, as realities hidden beyond the realities

Kirill Gatavan

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Founded in late 2011, In Parentheses prides itself upon analysis of the current condition of intelligence in the minds of these young people, and building a hypothesis for one looming question: what comes after Post-Modernism?

The idea for this magazine stems from a simple conversation regarding the aforementioned question, which drew out the need to identify our generation’s place in literary history.

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In Parentheses Magazine (Fall 2020)

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