Cover Artwork: In Parentheses (Volume 7, Issue 2) Fall 2021

Fall Issue Artwork / “Peggy Sue” by GJ Gillespie / In Parentheses Literary Magazine / Volume 7, Issue 2

We are pleased to announce the cover artist for the second issue of Volume 7, coming October 15, 2021. For this fall issue feature, we have chosen to highlight GJ Gillespie. Their piece “Peggy Sue” will grace the cover of the upcoming edition of In Parentheses.

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About the artist:

GJ Gillespie is a collage artist living on Whidbey Island north of Seattle. Winner of 18 awards, his art has appeared in 54 shows and numerous publications — including three pieces chosen as journal covers since May 2021. The artists he admire tap unconscious feelings of longing for existential meaning that emerge from cultural icons. In his view abstraction should be more than pleasing design. Instead, art should evoke connotations that permit the viewer to experience a sense of wonder, awe and new perspectives of being. A favorite quote: The world is but a canvas to our imagination. — Henry David Thoreau.

About the composition:

These mixed media collages on paper are inspired by mid century abstract expressionist works especially by Hans Hoffman. Media includes: tissue, pencil, pen, collaged papers, magazine clippings, traditional Chinese figures on rice paper and image transfer.

Gj Gillespie

From the Editor:

We hope that readers receive In Parentheses as a medium through which the evolution of human thought can be appreciated, nurtured and precipitated. It will present a dynamo of artistic expression, journalism, informal analysis of our daily world, entertainment of ideas considered lofty and criticism of today’s popular culture. The featured content does not follow any specific ideology except for that of intellectual expansion of the masses.

Founded in late 2011, In Parentheses prides itself upon analysis of the current condition of intelligence in the minds of these young people, and building a hypothesis for one looming question: what comes after Post-Modernism?

The idea for this magazine stems from a simple conversation regarding the aforementioned question, which drew out the need to identify our generation’s place in literary history.

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