Unsaved Post – Poem by Jessica Gawrych

Unsaved Post

erase, undo, backspace, delete
me i want to
edit post, publish and delete it
everything right now is
a bunch of untitled documents
Mac OSX asks for an update almost every week,
why do i need to update so often?
can i just pause
hold please
there is a blinking tracker waiting for letters
to be pressed into a word doc
type and tell and delete escape
shift alt control life and
task manage, force quit
a slow running machine
power off restart update
me i want to
refresh page to see it change in real time
can i change in real time?

now hiring: young hungry college student looking to intern
bring coffee
must know how to run Excel
and data process things
contact me to contact you
tell me about your work exp.
empty trash and delete folders
will pay in thoughts
(som1 task manage my life 4 me plz. )

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