While Waiting in Line – Poem by J.Gawrych

While waiting for the bus answering phone calls transferring them too and riding the train and while cleaning or doing the dishes I think about all the other things I’d much rather be doing.

Like hiking a mountain surfing the sea or maybe even climbing a tree, sitting around a fire hurling logs to flame rocks to ponds and dandelions to wind, riding elephants camels or horses, while watching snakes slither past my ankles and tasting the succulent Amazon rain in my pores.

While watching people tire over yesterday while seeing them sleep on corners or hit each other spit each other degrade, enslave, and undermine each other define each other decry each other supply each other deny them too, I think about all the other things I’d much rather do.

Like watch whales flipping their tails in the sea, eagles circling clouds, horses roaming open plains no chains on their backs no games to be won, just the grass sky, you me him her everything open wide, arms, wings, ocean wave shore collide, listening to the rhythm of tide and tasting sun in the sweat dripping down your side.

While waiting in line or seeing the clock hit the hour, I think about how I’d much rather watch a meteor shower.

Author: jessgawrych

i have thoughts. sometimes those thoughts turn into poems.

2 thoughts

  1. I was going for a contrast between nature and structure/society, glamorizing nature in opposition to the daily grind of life

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