Poetry by D. Deutsch

Daniella Deutsch is a 25 year old originally from Los Angeles. She is a preschool teacher at Beginnings Nursery School in New York City. Her publications include: Ink and Voices, Little Death Lit, and 5×5 Literary Magazine. Another piece of hers is set to run in this summer’s print issue of Gargoyle Magazine.

February is Freezing

I battle myself for the role of puppeteer
the referee begins to mock us
because the prize is the heaviest heart
I do not think we particularly mind if we lose

so, go
swing the bat until it splits a skull
perhaps we aim for the occipital lobe this time, what fun!
and I cry
do you cry?

let us spin an invisible, ironic bottle
I whine as I chew a hangnail for pleasure
only part way, of course
as if someone else is going to rip the final bit off
how does one ever really know how they arrived at the doorstep of being so broken?

I empty out excuses
expose myself to me
ration out apologies as loud as a muted tv program
and whine some more

I swear if you listen closely
silence will begin to sound
like something you cannot unhear
it will eat up your sanity
and wash it down with ice

help could be on the way
but we love to point it in the other direction, don’t we?
as if it stupidly had the wrong address
so sorry for the inconvenience, my hemispheres are busy chatting to death

I am finished
for today
haven’t you all heard?
self-sabotage is painfully quick.


I am sedated
as the world lights itself on fire

early this morning, I rise to scrub myself
cleaner than my skin has ever sat

I embark on a pilgrimage to
wipe and rip
my most tantalizing phantoms

this practice follows me twice a day
a companion to nod to my compulsions

pools of yolk

in the holes I am told I
should wake up and look through

between the drops of my wet and deeper breath
my insides chant as
I purify

I will not leave myself covered in my own brutality
for it will tip my axis
and with malice

I watch us all take candid bites of one another
to nourish our connected pits, preparing

yet there will be no singular attack
leave me

I am quietly at war with my own heartbeat

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