Reasons Why I Could Never Teach a Spanish Class – Poem by J.Gawrych

Verb conjugations of the Spanish word doler seem relevantly scrawled on the blackboard left behind by the class before mine - me duele, te duele, le duele. To hurt. The conjugations are followed by la cabeza. physically the head hurts. Me duele. The head can hurt, the foot can hurt, a feeling turned into a [...]

A Series In Which Neurosurgery Poses as Poetry – Poem by J.Gawrych

All hail the brain! People are afraid of brains. Brains are machines, and every thing has one. The brain is also a weapon The brain is a nuclear weapon It can be lethal and prone to explosion. Wanna know what you and I have in common? A brain. Guess what: The world is full of [...]

House Sweet House – Poem by J.Gawrych

House Sweet House – Poem by J.Gawrych

defeat names itself in the dustballs in dark corners in dark halls, croons with the creaking of floor boards amongst the loudest silence and absence of breath, whilst the October howls lace themselves along windows that echo sweet void into the rooms. a solitary light flickers on the abandoned porch, a beacon for nothing. nothing [...]